Gas burner / radiantmax. 75 mbar | RAD-2

Radiant energy is well known used in industrial drying processes and
treatment of material such as paper, glass and steel or copper strip;
besides it is well know that radiant energy has an ideal wave lenght,
in the most of these processes, on infrared range between 2 and 6
microns. These radiations pierce into material to be treat more easily
than any other radiation and, in comparison with the ones produced
by a tradizional convection system, they are more suitable in processes
in which uniformity is required. Standard combustion chamber
are lacking in these radiation, so on industrial application metallic
shields or made using metal or special refractory material are used;
they give out radiation with the required wave lenght if they are
heated to a particular temperature (for metallic shield,
760°C÷870°C). In optimal tempetature condition, about 92% of
radiated energy is included in required wave lenght range.
RAD-2- burner is usually used on glass bending furnaces; the special
shape of nozzle and flame shield let hold combustion products near
nozzle. This geature is very important for having a good radiative
heating. Capacity regulation of this burner is useful not for change
temperature in combustion chamber, but for change radiant area.

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