Gas burner / infraredmax. 40 mbar | BR 70 series

It is well known that for most industrial heat processing operations
(treatment and drying of paper, glass, steel and copper strips), the
wave lengths between 2 and 6 microns are most favorable. Many
materials used in industrial processes will absorb heat from infra-red
radiation sources faster than from convection or conduction sources.
Standard flame combustion chambers are poor in this radiation,
therefore in industrial processing metal shield or special refractory
material are used which emit radiation of the wave lengths required
if adequately heated (760°C÷870°C for the metallic reflector). At
adequate temperature, infra-red burners have about 92% of the
total radiant energy above 2.0 microns. Improvements in the
creation of metallic and refractory material has allowed for the
construction of better radiant panels lately.