Main characteristics of the range:
  • our ranges of heavy oil (HO-Tron) and dual fuel gas/heavy oil (GHO-Tron) burners are used for traditional applications and industrial process applications;
  • monoblock burners HO-Tron 0 to HO-Tron 7 for heavy oil (50°E at 50°C) are available in one stage version (HO-Tron 0-1), two stage version (up to the model HO-Tron 5) and in two stage progressive mechanical version;
  • electronic versions with Etamatic coumpond controller are available for HO and GHO models 4 to 7;
  • all burners are equipped with oil hydraulic block and separate pump motors and have easy access to the head for ease maintenance RTC;
  • for a large extent of applications, customised solutions can be offered in order to meet plants requirements.