Static Var Generator SVG 2000

- Delta's SVG2000 is a Static Var Generator (SVG) that improves power quality, Power quality is a major influence on power efficiency. Excellent power quality reduces energy loss and extends equipment lifetime for lower cost. In contrast, poor power quality caused by harmonics distortion, reactive power, or non-linear loads, tends to lower power reliability and utility. As many industries and applications continue to adopt a wide variety of electronic equipment to facilitate the production process, power quality distortion has become a common problem. The SVG2000offers a way to solve this critical issue by properly managing power quality.

- Industries including petrochemicals, railway transportation, metallurgy, steel, manufacturing, medical, and building automation.

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Improves power factor

   • Continuously outputs and compensates reactive power to maintain power factor >0.99. The compensation performance is 1.2 times better than a traditional compensation device (capacitor).
Suppresses harmonics
  • Configures the required amount of reactive current in real-time and compensates the reactive power to filter high order harmonics.
Fast response
  • Fast configuration capability provides fast analysis and response time. Provides cycle response <20ms and dynamic response <500us.

Low voltage benefits
  • Output current is not affected by the mains voltage fluctuation, providing stable support for mains voltage.
Low consumption rate and high operation efficiency
  • Adopts new standard IGBT with low power consumption rate and improves full set device efficiency up to 96%. The system provides low power consumption.
Modular design, easy extension
  • No need for additional reactor or capacitors and the compact design reduces volume by20~30%. It is easy to maintain with a specially designed air path that facilitates module assembly and extension.
Highly reliable and safe
  • Robust design for power system eliminates resonance problems, with no more amplified harmonic current and voltage. It extends components' life cycle and protects the system.