Pressure sensor DPA

    The pressure sensor is a gas pressure measurement device. The measurable pressure currently ranges -100kPa ~ 100kPa and -100kPa ~1,000kPa. The users can obtain the signal of pressure change by the pressure sensor they develop. The 2 output signals and 1 analog output signal inform the host controller to conduct relevant control, allowing different systems to reach stable control status in a short time.

     Mechanical processing industry, solar energy industry, food packaging industry, semiconductor industry, automatic assembly industry, electronic component assembly and production, TFT, machine arm, PCB, CD manufacturing.


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• Energy-saving mode
• Easy code display
• 3 sets of color display
• Various unit conversion functions
• Various output modes
• Fast zero reset
• Analog output function
• Parameter copy function
• Safety control function
• 10 sets of output response time available